With all and sundry going organic, juicing and diving mouth first into raw food diets it’s no surprise that just as we are eliminating toxins from our food intake we also want to eliminate them from our skincare.

Studies suggest that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put onto it. Stats tell us that the average woman puts 515 chemicals on her body every day when it comes to cosmetics, skin and body care. Shocked by this information I have decided to explore the organic and natural skincare route myself.

A natural skincare product line will be oriented toward plant and mineral ingredients that come from mother earth herself and these ingredients will often be referred to as botanical-based. Natural and organic skin care products will, for the most part, not contain man-made or chemical ingredients and focus on stimulating cell growth and rejuvenating your skin.

Hollywood beauties Cameron Diaz and Megan Fox advocate organic cosmetics and skincare. Supermodel Miranda Kerr and her actor husband Orlando Bloom are also fans of natural and environmentally green products. Actress and Coldplay’s first lady, Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be a huge fan of organic natural oils.

Cameron Diaz’s glowing skin.
Natural beauty, Megan Fox.
The picture of health, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.
The Queen of Organic products, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Organic skin care begins with products that utilise organic ingredients. While the word ‘natural’ is not regulated, the word ‘organic’ is. A product must conform to organic standards set by one of multiple official organisations in order to call itself an organic skin care product. You will need to get used to reading labels and checking to see if the organic skin care company has been officially rated as organic. These labels should be easy to see on the organic skin product, as the companies who earn this designation know it is a strong selling point.

If a skincare product label says “all natural” in big letters but contains a list of chemicals, know that it is not what you are looking for. My rule of thumb is if you can’t read the name of the product yourself, or pronounce it, it is probably because it is some paraben, urea or mea/dea/tea chemical you don’t want on your skin. Because of confusion over terms and a lack of regulation, it is up to the consumer to educate themselves.

It is also up to you to educate yourself when it comes to using responsibly sourced products and products that are cruelty free, i.e. don’t contain any animal products and are not tested on animals (I bet more then you realise of your favourite products are tested on animals) check out http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/beauty-without-bunnies.aspx” target=”_blank”>http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/beauty-without-bunnies.aspx for more information.

There are so many wonderful natural and organic skin care products available, and here are my favourites:

Raw Gaia – Every single product is clearly stated and 100% natural and uses only the highest quality organic products, sourced from nature. Raw, vegan and cruelty free, what’s not to love. The jojoba oil is amazing for balancing skin and the hemp moisturiser makes skin super smooth and soft. Check out the huge range of products at http://www.rawgaia.com/” target=”_blank”>http://www.rawgaia.com


Balm Balm – Gorgeously gentle and certified Organic by The Soil Association. Balm Balm is the result of Glenda Taylor’s dream to create an affordable 100% organic skincare range. Their lip balm is a fab multi purpose product and you can use on your face, elbows or wherever takes your fancy. Just one of the many great products at http://www.balmbalm.com/” target=”_blank”>http://www.balmbalm.com


Melvita – A french skincare brand founded in 1983, faced with the combined assaults of industrial chemistry and parasites, wanted to place “nature at heart” in all that they do. Melvita is a pioneer in organic beauty and has grown to become one of France’s leading brands of natural and organic cosmetics. Cleasning Foam Floral Bouquet is one of my favourite all time cleansers, find at www.melvita.com

Arbonne – More than three decades ago Dr Petter Morck created a line of pure botanically based products in the Alpine fields of Arbon, Switzerland. The products are vegan certified, formulated without harmful chemicals, combining the best of science and nature, dubbed by British Vogue “the worlds best kept secret”.  To discover the full delight of Arbonne visit the below website, or contact District Manager Cherub Sanson at moondreamer@live.co.uk

I wish you all happy and healthy organic skincare fun.
Helen x