With the awards season wrapped up for another year, we’ve seen a plethora of our fav celeb’s gracing the red carpets in their finest clothing attire. We’ve had The Golden Globe’s, SAG Awards, BAFTA’S, Brits, Grammy’s and last but not at all least, The Oscar’s. In fact my Sunday night/ Monday morning, was firmly dedicated to this annul event, helped along massively by drinking copious amounts of ginger tea until 5am! I love to see what the nominees are wearing, who has it right and who can’t possibly own a mirror otherwise they wouldn’t go out dressed like that surely..?

Well they do and lets face it, without the fashion disasters we wouldn’t find it half as enjoyable and be able to write a blog on the best and worst dressed.

Helen and I have deliberated and this is our BangTidy list of our Oscar’s Winners and Sinners 2013.


1. Jennifer Lawrence


THE golden girl of the moment FACT! Not only did she pick up the Oscar for best actress, she won our award for best dressed. Both of her outfits for the evening were bang on and now she is the new face of Dior, she has access to whole new wardrobe of haute couture that most girls her age can but dream of! Here she wears ‘Dior Haute Couture’ with beautiful lashings of silk, then a slinky gold ‘Calvin Klein’ number for the ‘Vanity Fair’ party.

2.Charlize Theron


Literally in love with the beautiful Theron, she’s a tower of South African amazingness and doesn’t let us down in another ‘Dior Haute Couture’ creation (its not all Dior promise!) The simple design looks effortless and chic.

3. Adele


Adele has such a beautiful face and she dresses for her size so well. She constantly looks glam especially in this Jenny Packham gown. We love her even more for repping the UK and winning best song for ‘Skyfall’, not to mention her moving acceptance speech, bless her!

4.Miranda Kerr


Miranda was every inch the starlet in this Valentino beauty. We love the vintage look and the 1920’s inspiration.

5. Amanda Seyfried


This incredible dress is by McQueen, it suits her figure perfectly and although quite a mature choice, the keyhole detail keeps it sexy!

6. Solange Knowles


This dress by Emilio Pucci has divided opinion as does most of the things flamboyant Solange tends to wear, but this ray of sunshine adds some much needed colour to the red carpet.

7. Meryl Streep


The most successful actress in The Academy Awards history, Meryl has won no less than 3, yes 3 best actress gongs! Thankfully for the other actresses nominated this year, Meryl wasn’t, thus giving someone else a chance! Here she is in a Lanvin creation on presenting duties. She oozes class!

8. Ben Affleck


We can’t forget the boys can we? Ben topped our list for many reasons, and although he was over looked for a best director nomination he won in terms of style with this Gucci suit, he looks so dapper and wears it very well. Swooon..


1. Faye Dunaway


Not actually sure what was going through Faye’s head when she left the house in this get up…maybe she’d been washing the dishes before hand and forgot to take off her marigolds as there is no other rational explanation for these yellow gloves! They fit so badly  not to mention that black dress and wrap.

2. Liberty Ross


This Michael Badger dress being worn by Liberty Ross just looks trashy, no bra underneath the mesh plus the length is on the much shorter side compared to everyone else. At no point would I look at this dress and think, ‘that’s the one for the Oscar’s’..

3.Helena Bonham Carter


I love HBC, she has the most amazing bone structure and as an actress she ranks very high in my opinion. Although her fashion has always been some what ‘quirky’, not even i can defend this horrific Vivienne Westwood gown. Love VW and HBC but this relationship isn’t working out!

4. Olivia Munn


This Marchesa dress, worn by Olivia, actually made quite a few best dressed lists. I can’t quite get my head around that though…to me it looks like a skimpy burlesque leotard and she’s just about to take part in the sports day sack race using a red silk sack as opposed to the traditional hessian variety!

5. Juliette Lewis


Another actress/singer, Helen and I admire but no matter how this may have looked cool and different on the hanger.. it does not photograph well at all, it looks shapeless and shabby. This is a ‘massive fail’ dress from Vionett. Sorry Juliette!

6. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian


I’m not the biggest fan of the Kardashians anyway and i just feel both their outfits look a bit, well, fancy dress..? Kourtney look’s like she’s come as the doll with the over sized skirt that guards your granny’s loo rolls in her Brian Rennie for Basler outfit. Kim, in Donna Karen, looks like she’s tried to dress as a silver screen goddess, however we know she’s not so it must be fancy dress, right? Let’s not forget Miss.Minaj, who isn’t exactly known for being classy. Although her dress here isn’t as shocking as usual, it’s very cheap looking.

7. Chris Brown


Not many reasons to like this guy anyway and no amount of ‘geek chic’ will make us feel otherwise. The notorious ‘bad boy’ opted for this Angelo Galasso suit and Alberta Ferretti slippers. The animal print jacket, the grandad slippers and the geek specs just don’t suit him. Plus that sweet smile ain’t fooling nobody Chris!

Lets Not Forget:

Poor Hilary Swank and Sally Field rocked up in almost identical Valentino gowns which although very beautiful is pretty embarrassing..oops!


One Kardashian who was quite surprising in her evening attire was Khloe…yep, i never thought i’d hear the words come out of my mouth but there it is.. I liked Khloe Kardashians dress!


Although Rosie Huntington Whitely wasn’t actually a guest at the Oscar’s, she was in town, although completely unrelated i have to introduce to you this insanely AMAZING, Chanel, stripe jumpsuit, that she wore to an Oscar’s pre lunch the day before the ceremony. I literally can not wait until the imitations of this hit the high street as although Chanel rocks my world…it does not rock my wallet!!


That’s all folks, have a grrrrreat weekend!

Jemma x