Towards the end of the summer…”what summer?” I hear you cry, well September to be more precise, we were asked to style the music promo for The Bloody Beetroots new electro club smasher, ‘Chronicles of a fallen love’. The track features the beautiful and hypnotic vocals of Grammy Award nominee Greta Svabo Bech.


Greta on the red carpet at this years Grammy Awards

Greta was an absolute dream to style and really open to the outfits we had sourced for her but in the end we kept it very ethereal and minimal with an off white high neck applique gown.

The man himself, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo a.k.a The Bloody Beetroots was styled in an amazing jacket called ‘The Raven’ from Italian brand, Vendetta Revenge. Sir Bob also likes to have his face covered while performing so we had to make sure that his black face mask was stitched well so it wouldn’t slide up his face mid shot!


Sir Bob in The Raven by Vendetta Revenge

The male and female leading characters needed to look youthful, carefree and feral and we did that by dirtying up a lot of the clothes we sourced for them capturing their playful youth.

And So, check out the vid at the top of this post, available now to buy- ‘Chronicles of a Fallen Love’ By The Bloody Beetroots Feat Greta Svabo Bech with the styling by us at BangTidyStyling.
Additional thanks to Annelise Buesnel, Lacey Rixon, Tick Tock Vintage, Tour De Force, PPQ and Iroquios PR for the clothes! We really had a great time on this job so here’s a little pic of our BangTidyStyling team on the day at the glam location of Southend On Sea… ahhh 😉


Jemma x